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Configuration Class Reference

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class  DoubleDigitSpinBox
class  HexSpinBox


void OKSignal ()

Public Member Functions

 Configuration (ConfigFile *confignFile, bool newConfig=false, QWidget *parent=0)
 genEntry (ARCHMODE) genEntry(ASN_AND_LX_REUSE) genEntry(AUTO_MOUNT) genEntry(AUTO_SCSI_MOUNT) genEntry(CNSLPORT) genEntry(CPUMODEL) genEntry(CPUPRIO) genEntry(CPUSERIAL) genEntry(CPUVERID) genEntry(DEVPRIO) genEntry(DEVTMAX) genEntry(DIAG8CMD) genEntry(ECPSVM) genEntry(ENGINES) genEntry(HERCPRIO) genEntry(HTTPPORT) genEntry(HTTPROOT) genEntry(IODELAY) genEntry(LDMOD) genEntry(LEGACYSENSEID) genEntry(LOADPARM) genEntry(LPARNAME) genEntry(MAINSIZE) genEntry(MANUFACTURER) genEntry(MODEL) genEntry(MODPATH) genEntry(MOUNTED_TAPE_REINIT) genEntry(NUMCPU) genEntry(NUMVEC) genEntry(OSTAILOR) genEntry(PANRATE) genEntry(PGMPRDOS) genEntry(PLANT) genEntry(SHCMDOPT) genEntry(SHRDPORT) genEntry(SYSEPOCH) genEntry(TIMERINT) genEntry(TODDRAG) genEntry(TODPRIO) genEntry(TZOFFSET) genEntry(XPNDSIZE) genEntry(YROFFSET)

Private Slots

void autoMountBrowsePressed ()
void autoScsiMountChanged ()
void cancelPressed ()
void cpuPrioChanged (int)
void devPrioChanged (int)
void ecpSvmChanged (int)
void hercPrioChanged (int)
void httpPortChanged (int)
void httpRootBrowsePressed ()
void modPathBrowsePressed ()
void okPressed ()
void todPrioChanged (int)

Private Member Functions

void initilize ()
void populate (ConfigurationEditor::Direction)

Private Attributes

bool mNewConfig
QWidget * mParent
Ui::ConfigurationClass ui

Static Private Attributes

static struct ConfigTableEntry mConfigTable []

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file Configuration.cpp.

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