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MainPanel Class Reference

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void interruptClicked ()
void loadClicked ()
void powerOffClicked ()
void powerOnClicked ()
void restartClicked ()
void startClicked ()
void stopClicked ()
void storeClicked ()

Public Member Functions

int getLoadAddress ()
 MainPanel (QWidget *parent=0)
void notify (const std::string &statusLine)
void setDormant ()
void setLoadAddress (const char *devNo)
void standby ()
void switchMips ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateLcd (QLCDNumber *lcd, int inc)

Protected Member Functions

void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *event)
QSize sizeHint () const

Private Slots

void interruptClickedSlot ()
void loadClickedSlot ()
void powerOffClickedSlot ()
void powerOnClickedSlot ()
void restartClickedSlot ()
void startClickedSlot ()
void stopClickedSlot ()
void storeClickedSlot ()

Private Member Functions

void setupUi (QWidget *parent)

Private Attributes

QPushButton * mInterruptButton
QLCDNumber * mLcd0
QLCDNumber * mLcd1
QLCDNumber * mLcd2
QLCDNumber * mLcd3
QLabel * mLoad
QPushButton * mLoadButton
QLabel * mLoadText
QLabel * mMan
QLabel * mManText
double mMipsHWM
QPushButton * mPowerOffButton
QPushButton * mPowerOnButton
QLabel * mPSW
QPushButton * mRestartButton
QPushButton * mStartButton
QPushButton * mStopButton
QPushButton * mStoreButton
QLabel * mSys
QLabel * mSysText
QLabel * mWait
QLabel * mWaitText
QPixmap * mYellowHigh
QPixmap * mYellowLow

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file MainPanel.h.

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