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DevicesWidget Class Reference

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Public Slots

void devicesClick (QMouseEvent *event)
void menuAddCardPunch ()
void menuAddCardReader ()
void menuAddConsole ()
void menuAddCTC ()
void menuAddDasd ()
void menuAddPrinter ()
void menuAddSYSG ()
void menuAddTape ()
void menuAddTerminal ()
void menuDelete ()
void menuLoad ()
void menuProperties ()
void newTapeFileOK (QString &tapeFile)

Public Member Functions

 DevicesWidget (ConfigFile *configFile, QWidget *parent)
bool isUnique (std::string devno)

Protected Attributes

int mClickRow
int mLastClick

Private Slots

void doAddDevice (bool keep)
void mousePressed (QModelIndex index)
void updateDevice (bool)

Private Member Functions

bool canAddSYSG ()
virtual void doLoadTape (QString &)
DeviceTypes::Type getType (int lineNumber)
virtual bool hasConfig ()
void initialize ()
bool isConfig ()
virtual bool isRealDev (int)
bool realDevice ()
virtual bool traced ()

Private Attributes

QIcon * mCardIcon
QIcon * mConsoleIcon
QIcon * mDasdIcon
std::map< int, int > mDialogToFile
QMenu mMenu
QIcon * mNetIcon
QIcon * mPrinterIcon
QIcon * mTapeIcon
QIcon * mTerminalIcon
QIcon * mUnknownIcon

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file DevicesWidget.h.

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